Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What good are floods?

Floods are never really looked at as a good thing.... I know people that are having to leave their homes because the Mighty Mississippi is about to cover the land, in a flood you can't drive,  And when God sent the flood, he sent it to wipe out all of the bad and evil people (wonder if he is trying to tell us Memphians something now?  Nah) - so not really a good thing...  AND Rainy days are never a good thing for a teacher - without outside time you need a nap more than the kids.  Unless - you are named Jodie and then you come up with an amazing plan that TIES-IN with the unit you are working on!!!  Our class is studying Italy - we have learned about cooking (biscotti and brushetta) and commedia del'arte, and Pompeii.  Well today was Veince day - after all in Jodie's words - Memphis is about to be the Veince of the south.
so the kids made boats out of Styrofoam and we went outside to see if they would float (like gondolas).  SUCH FUN!!!!!  Also the splashing was fun - but Jodie didn't really think so and she gave me the teacher look :).  So I guess small, sidewalk floods are ok;)
decorating the boats

in the breezeway
in the rain
yep I made the giant boat (PS3Class boat)

Splashing fun
blowing on the boats didn't work - so let's kick them

splash! splash!
Teacher Splashing! Beware!!


  1. It's not that I don't think splashing is fun...it was that I didn't have any extra clothes and I knew I was going to be at school late with conferences :)

  2. oh and by the way...how did you get a picture of yourself splashing???