Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aunt Katelyn

So yesterday I hopped on a plane from Memphis to Toronto (worst turbulence-was genuinely frightened) then caught the Toronto to Frankfort flight (8 very long hrs with no sleep. Perhaps next time I travel I will have saved enough money for first class...). But one really cool thing about Air Canada is that you get your own private touch screen tv right in front of you! And you get to pick your movie or tv show, and you can charge your phone or computer if you want! How neat!

And then I rode the train from Frankfurt to Landstuhl where I met up with my sister, two nieces and nephew....and learned that have a new nephew!!! Isaac Ryan Vawter. Sarah had her baby while I was traveling!  And then we jumped on the trampoline before dinner :)

I love being Aunt Katelyn!

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