Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jumping In - WIP Wednesday

My Sister-in-law has always loved quilts.  She even talked with my mother about wanting to make them.  So 3 Christmas' ago we all pitched in and bought her a Baby Lock sewing machine.  Since then she has made pjs for her children, pants. shirts, hoodies, and dresses.  She is incredibly talented.  But she has been too scared to try a quilt.  I think that is silly, as I am scared to make clothes.  lol.

But a few months ago she sent me a text saying that she bought me fabric (a jelly roll of Tula Pink's Acacia).  However, she liked it so much that she was going to keep it.  I cracked up.  She said that I could make her a quilt...or she might try.  I told her we could do it together. 
She picked out a solid and another jelly roll to go with it.  She wanted a quilt large enough for her about jumping in with all she has got! She also decided to make it into a duvet cover, so instead of binding the quilt she is going to sew a backing to it and stuff a duvet in.  But It has to be quilted first.

After much deliberation she chose to make a Rail Fence quilt.  I have never made one of these or seen one in person.  So I got to try something new!  We started ironing, cutting, and sewing the fabric on December 30th.  But I am counting it as a 2014 project since Sarah left on the 2nd and I had to finish sewing the rows together alone...

This top is 94.5 x 94.5

Fabrics: Jelly Roll of Tula Pink's Acacia, Jelly Roll of Soho Chic for Moda, and yardage of Moda Bella Solids in Teal.

These fabrics work so well together!  I am so proud of my sister-in-law for picking them all out on her own (pretty much).  ;)

There were 14 left over blocks.  So I made a couple pillows.

This one finished 17x17.  The quilting is what Sarah wants me to do on her quilt.  I put a 18in pillow form inside and it is a lovely fit.  This is Sarah's pillow cover that I am going to send with her quilt.  

 This pillow finished at 11x11 and I didn't have a pillow I made one out of old sheets and stuffing.  I loved doing the circle quilting, but don't think I really want to do this on a large project.  I want to keep this one for myself...but it is Sarah's fabric, so if she wants it, I guess I'll send it to her.  LOL

I can't baste or work on quilting the quilt for at least a week...but in the meantime I plan on washing the pillow covers so I can see how they crinkle up. 

What are you working on this week?

 - Katelyn

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday

That's me...a work in progress.  Who knows what I am supposed to be doing?  Not me...But in that light, I start school today.  Not super excited.  Really, I'm just super tired.  ;)

But I do have a fun WIP to share today. 

I made a patchwork quilt top from two Riley Blake charm packs (collection- Sidewalks).

Forgive the wrinkles.  Apparently, if you fold something up for a weekend, it needs to be ironed afterwards. 

The top is currently 40.5 x 45.  I added a few solids in, to make it a rectangle. 
I just wanted something simple and cute to make.  I love it so far. 

Isn't this fabric adorable!!!!  Perfect for a baby, or toddler, quilt.  Really it would be cute as a baby bag, baby cloths...anything.

Now I just have to get backing.  I was going to go with a super soft rose minky that I had on hand.

But I don't have enough.  Isn't that the pits??  *sigh 
I thought about going out to get more, but Pink Castle Fabrics was (is? not sure) have a Skinny Bolt sale (SKINNY20).  There are three fabrics from this line in the sale, so I just bought bit and am waiting on it for the backing.   Can't wait to get it in!

Can you piece minky?  I'm not sure.  What would you do with left-over minky?



Friday, January 17, 2014

A finished book...Not a sewing post

Finishing a book is like loosing a friend.  Anyone else feel like that? 
I love to read.  I read good books, classic books, a few nothing books.  But I have always loved reading.  My mother, I think, is the source for this.  She instilled this passion for reading.  Somehow I learned to fall in love with characters and stories - when I read it is like traveling to another time and place. 
Once I learned that I could enjoy a book and accomplish something (i.e. knitting, sewing, cooking, etc) at the same time by listening to an audio book - I became hooked.  I get almost every audio book I have ever listen to from - if you haven't checked them out, you should. 
I even associate my quilts with books...I'm working on one right now for my sister-in-law (I'll post about it next week).  In the future, I will always think of Harry Potter when I see it. 
Apparently I have read the books, or listened to Jim Dale read them to me, almost every year for the last 5 years (probably more...but I don't want to do the math and think I'm crazy or something).  I listened to all 7 books on audio, starting in October 2013 and now that I'm done I feel like there is something missing from my life.  Sad, right?  *sigh 
Books are the best.

Got anything good for me to read/listen to?

- Katelyn

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Virtual Bee Finish!

I have posted a couple of times about participating in the Virtual Quilting Bee (VQB) that Amy Smart had on her blog, Diary of a Quilter.  She began towards the beginning of the year with one block, every two weeks or so, thought up and "taught" by a different blogger.  In the end, there were 16 different blocks that were unfinished at 8.5 inches.  She then gave the instructions on how to finish up the quilt, with setting triangles, sashing, and borders.  Her last post was in the beginning of November.  Perfect for a Christmas finish.

When I began the the VQB I knew that I wanted to use my Oh, Deer! by Moda fat quarters.  But other than just wanting to participate in the Bee I didn't have any other plans for the quilt.  After making several of the blocks, my sister started telling me how much she liked them.  I knew then that I was making this for her.

I learned so much making each of the blocks and mixing my colors (I am much more of a cool color palette kind of girl) that I really wanted this quilt to be about learning - and I didn't think my sister would care if I messed it up.  So I decided to quilt this myself using different quilting designs for each aspect. Four total= 2 new to me and 2 that I had tried (and in my opinion failed at) before.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did and am not sure that I have ever been more proud of myself for accomplishing something - making something - so cool.

Not sure how well the IG photo shows the quilting...  I had the hardest time on the yellow border.  That design is way more difficult than it looks.

The back is a floral print (that does not match in the least) from JoAnn's.  I figured that it could just be turned over for a different look...

*sigh*  I LOVE crinkle!!

I use a Kona Brown from JoAnn's for the binding and machine bound it on to save time.... And I learned a new trick too: Glue Baste Binding.  You should try it.  I watched a YouTube video by Sharon Schamber.

I have always been scared of the quilting part of quilting.  That sounds dumb, right?  Or at least like I need to fix my grammar.  But, in truth, it terrified me.  I am ok at the piecing, but always felt like I screwed up my work by quilting it myself...and since I have no money to send things off.  I lived with it.  But now I really feel like I am getting somewhere with my quilting.  Finally figuring out that I can do it if I want, thanks to lots of mistakes and practice.  I can't wait to quilt my next project!

This was my 5th and very last 2013 quilt finish (last finish, period, actually).  Can't wait to see what finished 2014 brings!

*See my two previous posts about the Virtual Quilting Bee here and here. Also check out some of the other versions of the Virtual Quilting Bee quilts, made by some seriously talented ladies, on the flicker page.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Game Over

I lost my mind when I decided to make this quilt. Tiny squares and miniature half square triangles filled my brain and invaded my dreams for a while there. 

I posted a bit ago (read= months ago) about starting a space invaders quilt for my nephew (link to that post here).  I have worked on several things in between then and now.  But still it seemed like it was taking me forever to finish this quilt.  I finished sewing the binding on the day after Christmas (I wasn't giving it away until the 29th of December so I was ahead of the game...I guess).

I put a quilt label on ...Did a really sloppy job of it too.  I wanted to give a hand quilted look to the edges...with purple thread (Because I am the horrible Aunt who forgot that my nephew's favorite color is purple and didn't put any on his quilt).  I will do better next time is all I can say.  I couldn't figure out how to end the stitch after I had gone all the way around with it...any suggestions?

This quilt was quilted with an all-over free motion stitch.  I tried to make the quilting be squared and boxy.

Up close of the quilting - after wash

Honestly...I'm in love.  I am going to need to have visitation rights or something.  I look at this and can't believe that I made it.  It seems way too cool to have come from me.
That being said, the practically stolen inspiration came from the amazingly talented Elizabeth Hartman and her blog Oh, Fransson!  Way back in 2012 she made a space invaders quilt for her nephew and I have wanted to copy it ever since.   I did draw out my quilt myself...and it is slightly different.  Mine finishes somewhere around 58x64.  The squares used to construct the front finish at 2inches.
But I think that the back may be even better than the front.  At least it seemed to take longer...and might be my favorite.

It was constructed using 1.5 in finished squares and a 6in finished border around the "explosion."

I wish that I had thought to take more close up pictures of the space invaders and the different prints mixed in with the solids...I might have to do a separate post on that next time I get to visit my nephew.  He would have fun helping me take the photos. 

In all the anxiety and frustration with little pieces...I enjoyed making every bit of this quilt.  It may be the neatest thing I will ever make.  Thanks to Elizabeth Hartman for her never ending genius and inspiration! And I am excited to say that my nephew seems to love it. 

*This was my 4th quilt finish of 2013*

I'm off to study



Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals for 2014
"borrowed" image from this site

I have so many goals for this new year:

1) Start and finish 4 family quilts
      - granny square
      - triangle
      - wonky star
      - flag
2) Make 4 pillows for friends
3) Work with MAMQG (Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) to make a couple quilts for Charity
4) Study hard and make good grades in all my classes this semester
5) Get in, prepare, and flourish in Nursing School
6) Participate in Sweat 'n Sew
7) Clean (keep clean) my craft room

Notice... "keep up with blog" is not on this list.  Lol
I will try.  But I have a feeling that school will be quite time consuming and may just keep me from the sewing fun that my blog has been enjoying this year. 
 What are your goals for the new year?  Anything new you are itching to make?

Happy 2014!
 - Katelyn

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year is Over...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying 2014!  My family has been visiting.  Much fun has ensued and I am crazy tired. 

My brother (who just came back from deployment about 2 weeks ago) came for Christmas with his wife and family.

my dad took their family pictures...It is so difficult to get a baby to sit still and smile!! (this is of course a horrible pic I took from my phone in the background)
 He is the reason for the crochet stockings..."They have to be just like ours"  *sigh.
This is what they looked like on Christmas morning...

Now they are finished...In time for next year is better than nothing, right?  They just used them without the names.  Isaac kept trying to look in his to see if more things have appeared.  :)

I got aurifil in my stocking!  I am so excited to try this out!  I want to start my next project right away!

My sister-in-law is like a sewing machine!  Since she has been here she finished a Christmas dress she started for my niece.

Then she got my mom to show her how to sew up the smocking she made into a dress:

AND she is getting me to show her how to make a quilt...her first.  Lets see if we can finish this quilt top up today (before she leaves tomorrow)!
There was no clean floor space anywhere - what with so many people staying at out house (7 adults, 6 children, and one dog, plus all the visitors that came by to see our guests).  It was super difficult to keep the kids from walking on the fabric!  Even the older ones walked on top of our layout. 

*I did finish two quilts and just gave them away last night - in our last Christmas gift exchange.  I'll post about those later in the new year!*
Merry Christmas (5 more days till Epiphany!) and Happy New Year!
XXOO - Katelyn