Friday, May 13, 2011

Dry Eyes

As many people know I have severe dry eyes.  Last August I realized that I wasn't able to see clearly so I went to the eye doctor.  The doc gave me some new contacts, a week later I couldn't see out of them...that happened about three more times before I went to a specialist.  First it was a retina specialist- nope nothing wrong there.  Then a cornea specialist - my corneas were fine, except they seemed very dry.  He did a test that confirmed I had dry eyes.  He told me that having dry eyes can gravely affect a person's vision.  I just thought he must be nuts - it is just dry eyes, right?  WRONG!  I had to be checked for diabetes - cause that can cause dry eye (the tests - all three of them - were negative.  Thank YOU Jesus!!), I am on a prescription eye drop twice a day that is supposed to help my eyes make more tears (the test he did showed I was barely making any), and I have to use liquid gel drops as needed everyday with GEL drops at night (yuck!).  Anyway, it is a hassle and my eyes are still not great.  My vision is totally off because of it and I am having a problem wearing my contacts - so it is glasses everyday.  I also have plugs in the tear drains in my eyes - the corners of each eye...  And that is my pic of the day - hahaha.  I had to get new plugs cause the other ones fell out (i rubbed my eyes too much once the allergies kicked in) and man could I tell that they had been working.  I am so excited that I got those plugs put in today - how weird is that?  But my eyes already feel better.

this is how they laid it out...
But i wanted to see what they were putting in my eyes...
crazy, right?

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