Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Done - Da - Da - Da - Done!!!

Yesterday was my last day of classes for the semester! 
Oh, Yeah! 
Though the day did not begin on the brightest of notes (as I was slightly late for work and then we had a broken glass incident), it just kept on getting better and better. I got some amazing news - that I am sure I will share at some point -, I got to give an assessment (one I have been wanting to give/see for awhile - thanks Jodie!), and of course I got some Starbucks.  THEN all I had to do was chill in the Mac lab until my class began at 5pm.  I went to class for about an hour; no actual final - we just sat around and talked.  Then off to Barnes and Noble for two new books (of course I left with 4 new books and a gift for my nieces and nephew).  I had a great day and hope that today can measure up:) 

Goodbye Ball Hall (for now at least)!

Oh Mac Lab - you are the only part I shall miss...

Weird color - I thought it was cool :)

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