Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arbor Day Fun!

So Arbor day was a blast! Super Windy, but the temperature was nice and NO RAIN!! The kids had a great time and we just stood around wondering why we were needed. lol I did not think to take photos of all of the cool stuff from the auction but I will ask Ms. Charli if she can email me the photos so yall can see. It has been such a long time since I posted...I am sure yall were drowning your sorrows...school is almost over now and hopefully I will be posting great things from now on. I already have a post set for later this week...I am SEW excited about it!
my bow model (with her face blurred out)

such a great model!

Me and Ms. Dawn in our matching Earth Day shirts

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I expect...{1}

I have been thinking about what I should expect when I someday, a long time from now, move out on my own...  The thought scares me, to be honest.  Right now I have it made.  I can be an adult with only half of the responsibility...but someday, hopefully not so far away, I will graduate from grad school, get a big girl job, and move to my own place.  So...I decided not to be scared and just not think about the horrors of being a real grown-up: Utilities, water bill, paying for all of my groceries, internet and cable bills...instead I have been thinking of what I expect from my loving, amazing, generous parents who spoil me:
I need tools.  Yes, tools.  Think screwdrivers (Philips-head and Flathead), Electric drill and drill bits, a level, a hammer, nails and screws...you get the idea.  Because, if I don't have these things then how will I get to decorate or put up cool things?  So I expect tools. 
I expect these things because today I have used many different ones and am so excited by the, small but fun, changes I have made!!
Finally hung my Christmas gift from Olivia!

I also hung up the clock I made (& put it together) and my etched mirror.

And I have switched out the cabinet door knobs for new ones!

they were on sale at HL - what do you think?

I am sure that I sound awful and bratty - just as sure that if my dad was reading this he would be laughing :)
Have a great Saturday!!  Visit me at Eclectica!

Friday, April 15, 2011

End of 2011...

Well, it is starting to feel like the end of the 2011 school year now.  I took three classes this semester (and a grad filler course so I could have enough hrs for my ga).  One of my classes was a half-semester online course, so I had a project due every other day but the class ended in March.  I also took a Saturday class (i know, sounds yuck...but was totally my favorite), that class ended this past Saturday, and I just got my paper back in the mail today (A+ suckers).  So I only have one class left...Reading (dreaded Reading).  I have three more homework assignments and a paper then done with the work part.  Then, it will just be my last praxis on Saturday April 30th (I PASSED the last one, that I was so worried about!).  And my GA doesn't end until the 19th...After that --> Wendy (and Germany) "HERE I COME!!!" 
When I got home this afternoon I did a little homework, wrote out two or three lists (cause that is what I think is fun...lol), and then tried to take everything out of my semester binder and put it in my accordion folder thing that I keep all of my work in.... I don't think it was made to hold 2 years of grad school.
and to think - I still have individual portfolio folders 
cause now it won't close.  Guess I have to go out and get a new one.  But let's just complain for a moment - if it isn't supposed to hold everything then why does it have so many dividers???
Also, please forgive all of the grammatical errors...I promise, I am in Grad school and I do get good grades, but I have an editor...lol
YAY - Friday!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Subway Art

Ok...so maybe it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it was gonna...
no flash

I took two pictures because I wasn't sure which one was best.  So what do yall think?  Is it okay?  Or should I add more words?
I tried to think of words that described family to me...I think if I do this again I might use different paint...the acrylic was shinier than I thought it would be.  Hope yall have a great day!!!
I know I will...no practice tonight!

I linked to this blog:
Lovely Crafty Home

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So...I have been working on the stuff for the arbor day auction.  It has been a long process...what with me also trying to live my life.  *note: I did not say have a life...because I don't have one. I just live the one that includes: Work, school, work, and homework.  So there is not usually any time for a real life. :) 
Anyway.  The subway art is not turning out how I planned.  Of course, I knew this was a huge possibility, but I was hopin'.  However, I am going to finish it and will post a photo tomorrow. 
But I am not just donating the potentially horrendous subway art...I have also made some bows (I call them bows anyway...) and a bow holder (ribbon...hehehe).  I have finished those so here is a look...
very similar to the bow holder I had as a kid

tried to provide a variety of sizes, styles, and colors

I may have made too many!

What do you think?  would you buy one?  And what are bows going for these days?
Also, sorry the lighting is so bad....Since my two followers are the best non-professional picture takers I know...How do you do that?  I think you should each provide a picture taking tutorial!  lol (or for Liz - loti). 
ok.  back to the art project...and cleaning (BOO!). 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Subway Art

I love the subway art pieces I see on other blogs...Like the one on this link to Tater Tots and Jello:  Here Comes the Sun Art.
They all look so easy though, like I could make one if I wanted.  Well...we shall see!
I was asked by the art teacher at school if I could make stuff for the Arbor Day auction (she said she knew I was crafty and just might have something).  I said I would be happy to!  And was then told that it would be due in two days.  There was NO WAY.  I told her so and got an extension :).  So............I am going to make some subway art.  It had better be easy is all I'm sayin'.  
I got the canvas (on sale!):

and then painted it black:
Now I just have to cut out the templates, paint them, and hope it turns out!

Wish me luck!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Oh you poor thing!"

So does anyone else hear tiny cries coming from your wallet every time you go in this place?

I know  I do!  Well... because I am a completely spoiled brat so lucky, the tears mainly come from my mother's wallet (via her card that lives in mine).  AND you can't just go in for one thing.  You go  to get something specific (like I did today for contact paper) and come out with $40 of other things (and no contact paper).  I think it is funny that Kirie wonders why we are so broke...I have too many craft projects to do and seem to want to do them all right NOW (do bad I don't have 12 sets of hands and a brain that can do it all at once)!  Well...looking forward to all of these projects:
In my defense this is 2 days of shopping...does that make it better or worse?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

custom photoshop brushes

I JUST learned how to create a Photoshop brush...some blog (CANNOT for my life remember which one, prob would have made the learning process easier)said you should use one so ppl can't "steal" your photos and use them as their own.  Though I don't really think that anyone would want to take any of my photos...I am NOT a photographer.  However, I would like to be one day, so now I am prepared for if that day ever comes...Here is a completely random photo with my new brush!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crafty things

So...today I was asked to make something for the Arbor Day auction at Lipman (the school where I work).  I have not completely decided what I will be making, but as long as I can turn it in after this week I can do it!  I am thinking Subway Art, hair clips, or who knows...haven't really decided lol.  If anyone who reads this has any ideas PLEASE SHARE with the class:).  This has prompted me to upload some photos of crafts I have done in the past (most my last spring break...kinda went nuts with the crafting). 

Grandmother and Granddaddy's Christmas Gift 2010

First attempt at glass etching, now hanging in my room!



all of the headbands and clips...for Charlotte's b-day.

paper tree and I mod-podged the holder too!

St. Pat's Cupcake wrapper wreath


Another St. Pat's Wreath (What?  I am Irish ya know! lol)

for emma's birthday 2010

cute clip, huh? now hanging on my wall...need to get a summer pic of us!
OH..and while posting this blog I was singing :) (to Sidewalk Prophets...if you don't know them you should!)
and Has ANYONE seen my yoga mat?  I need it NOW! and I can't find it anywhere...I promise I have looked in all of the places it could be and have gone through all of my crap the things I cannot live without.  Still can't find it.  My mom needs to borrow it.  Guess I am gonna have to go to the store, buy one the same color, and say, "Look, Momma!  I found it!"  think she'll believe it?
Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Giving is fun too!

Hello again! 
A while ago my, super awesome friend, Leslie told me that she had gone to starbucks (not completely uncommon) and that when she had gotten up to the window of the drive-thru the barista told her that the person in front of her in line had paid for her drink, saying only, "God Bless, and have a great day."  I thought this was amazing!  How lucky Leslie had been and what a delightful person the giver of "free" starbucks must be.  Then I promptly forgot all about the incident.  Well, yesterday morning, after not having slept (not one wink) and getting to work SUPER early (because the interstate was not closed off like it has been) I decided to go to starbucks.  Can you guess what happened?  YES!  I became the lucky person to get "Free" starbucks because the guy in front of me paid for my purchase.  My whole day instantly took a new turn and I continued on basking in my LUCK!  Well today, I needed something to be good - I was fading fast (in need of sleep and probably more antibiotics) so I went to starbucks for a pick-me-up.  When I got to the window I asked the barista if I could pay for the person behind me too.  The usually polite barista not only said "of course!  you are awesome!"  But she gave the the "extra drink" that wouldn't fit in my cup too!  They never do that!!!!   And now the day is almost over...but it sure ended well.  I don't know if the lady behind me at the drive-thru thought I was nuts or if her day was brightened at all, but mine sure was.  YAY, GIVING!!

And now for a few more scrapbooking faves before bed:

This "Day in my Life" was SO much FUN.  It made me run lots of Errands. LOL

Asher and I (back when he was the only nephew).        
 Daddo used to say we were "Naked as a Jaybird" after a bath.

It also kills your spirits...

Wendy and I.  Right near her church in Landstuhl, Germany.

Asher and RIchard outside shoveling snow.

When we came out from the Metro...I didn't see the Eiffel Tower.  DOH!

Paris was cool...but one day just wasn't enough.

Christmas Morning!

Heidelberg was my favorite!  Can't wait to go back!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My first BLOG!

So I am caving...here is my first blog post.  I would like to start off with I am having lots of problems with blogger.  I can't get the fonts or title to do what I want...but I WILL prevail.  Just not sure when:).  I have created this blog to show off to my family members, who live SOOOO FAR AWAY, my crafty projects.  Also certain best friends I never see anymore:).  So... I have to finish my homework now, but before I do I am going to post pics of various old scrapbook pages that I have loved (so you can all catch up).  Tomorrow (or the next day, who knows when I will get back to this) I will post more scrapbook pages, and or mini-books...