Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One post a month...bad?

So now that it is the end of January (last day to be specific), I am trying to blog.  I blogged once in October, once in November, and once in December, so now that it is January I feel that I should have something to show for my utter lack of blogging.  But really I don't.  I have been cleaning mostly...not even crafting.  I have, quite randomly, watched the entire seventh season of One Tree Hill - which may be why I feel behind on my homework.  I have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and and 80pgs from finishing The Girl who Played with Fire.  I highly recommend the books though the first one has an incredibly slow start.  I have not seen the movies yet, too excited about finishing the books.  I have started back at school and am getting extremely anxious about my master's thesis/project.  My research topic is: "How can I improve how I teach reading fluency to first graders?"  Any ideas??  I will take advice on the subject:)
I have been trying to spend more time with my sister-in-law and nephew while they are here...but I have not been doing the greatest job at that.  But Isaac does get cuter every day.
Isaac - Christmas 2011

Kirie, my lovely best friend, gave birth to her first child Lilie. 
Lilie - January 2012

And I have been dreaming about craft projects I want to complete and the fact that in April I will get to see my sister again and she will only be a few hours drive away!
My sister Wendy and her husband Richard

I have to remake a crib skirt and give away a baby gift this week - and hopefully will get out my mom's Christmas gift that she has still never seen - and then I will be posting crafts!!  WOOT! WOOT!