Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo a day in the month of May...

So a photo a day...Not sure how interesting my life will seem since I cannot take and post photos of the kiddos at my school - and you would love'em they are SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!  However, I decided that I could still give it a shot (pun intended).
This morning I had dark and rainy but we all showed up in bright, sunny, spring-time colors (great photo opportunity, right?  Yeah I thought so too...and still left without taking one...duH!).  Then there was my afternoon shift at Eclectica....I love Eclectica, and I even love going to work at Eclectica.  But please tell me - if the tornado sirens where going off, it was raining, and the sky looked like evening instead of day, would you go shopping for scrapbooking supplies?  Nope, Me either!  But some people just have different sets of values - Values that say, "Go shopping, getting that paper you aren't gonna use today is more important than your safety."  Oh Well...
View from the door at the Store - wish you could really see the RAIN!

Then I came tired I wanted to eat dinner and then go straight to bed (of course that did not happen - it is now 11:30pm).  But I still had a relaxing evening - watching five Jeopardy episodes with my Dad (my mom was there too).  WE LOVE Jeopardy!  My dad even has a Jeopardy calendar - we compete with each other :)
Know the Answer?  Me either!

so that was today...hmmm hope tomorrow has more fun pics!

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