Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hiatus Over

It’s been a LONG time.  Oops.  

I got new glasses - and gained a bit of unwanted weight

I have been busy with school and family and just stopped blogging.  I am still in school and my family will always be busy (I now have 8 nieces and nephews instead of just 6). 
However, I have discovered that I kind of miss blogging.  I am constantly on instagram, but it isn’t quite the same.  So I have decided to try to come back.  I am going for a once a week post – we’ll see how that works out.  I’m just gonna start with what I have been doing recently and then what little I have gotten accomplished over the past year. 

My SIL and her three kiddos are living with us until my brother comes back from deployment.  Its fun having them around, but I am spending most of my time in the library at school. 
Such cuties!

I have been hand piecing and stitching in my “spare time” during lectures at school and quick little 10 min breaks while studying.  It helps to save my sanity.  I may never finish a project, but it makes me happy.  Due to this I took the leap and joined on the bandwagon with the La Passacaglia quilt.  It is a pattern by Willyne Hammerstein from her book Millefiori Quilts. It is all over IG and I just couldn’t resist.  I got the book, templates, and precut papers from Pink Door Fabrics – for an amazing price.  

Where I am at with Rosette #1

beginnings of rosette #2

next step ready to go

I am working on round at a time, just picking the fabrics as I go.  It is so much fun for me to do it that way.  Its like I don’t know what is gonna come next so it stays exciting.  lol.  I may need to try and alter my definition of exciting. 

Back to the nursing school grind.  See yall next week!

 - Katelyn

Friday, August 1, 2014

Learning is Hexy

I taught a short lesson on English Paper Piecing to my local quilt guild recently.  I brought everyone some 1.5in Hexagon paper pieces (we are a super small guild - though trying to grow - so it wasn't a big deal to make 7 Hexagon paper pieces, each, for everyone). 

After I thread basted two for demonstration, I went home and basted the rest of my hexagons with my brand new Sewline Glue Pen.  

I liked using it.  It was certainly faster for me (though not by as much time as I thought it would be...there is always a chance I was doing it incorrectly - I just don't know what could have been done differently.  lol).  After I basted the hexis I tried to use the glue pen to baste my diamonds (posted previously here).  I hated it.  This just did not hold the way that I thought it would.  I guess the way that the fabric is folded is just so different that I had a rough time with it.  Back to thread for those.

Anyway, hexis...
I sewed them together and then hand appliqued down to a nice teal color fabric (first time!).

it's a bit blurry...but that just means you can't see my white thread so much.  lol

Next I had to hand quilt it.  This is a big "first-time" project for me, glad I put it on a small scale.  

Wee bit of my Instagram progress:

And now it is bound, washed, and in use!

I used many fabrics from my bed quilt and pillows... So it matches!

The back looks pretty bad...oops.

But I love how the front turned out!

Loving my hexi mug rug.  Do you have any eep tips for me?  Or perhaps some hand quilting advice for this newbie? ;)

- Katelyn

Friday, July 25, 2014

Quilt of Valor Top

Awhile back (I start a lot of my posts like that don't I?) I posted about making a Quilt of Valor.  Well we (the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild) didn't quite all get our blocks finished by April.  But that was fine because I was super busy.  lol.  So when I got all of the blocks I tried laying them all out to see what pattern/order they should go in.

When I got to this stage ^, I knew I had it.  So I started sewing.  Lots of family visits and other crazy obligations kept me from finishing the top, until this past Sunday.

I love how all of the blocks stand out and kinda blend in at the same time.

Our state's Quilt of Valor representative lives on the exact opposite side of the state...So we will be working with our local VA Medical Center to give this quilt to a local OIF, OEF, or OND veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, or Operation New Dawn).  After speaking with the VA's volunteer coordinator and finding out that they don't get many QoV (due to the fact that the representative is so far away - we have a long state) I really want to make another.  But we will see...There is so much going on.  

Like finishing this up, for starters.  I put the top together, Janet over at Simply Pieced is making the back and will be basting it too, Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation is going to be quilting and binding the quilt, and then our newest guild member, Carolyn, will be making the presentation bag for the quilt to go in.  I am SO EXCITED!

Here is an up close shot at some of my favorite blocks from the quilt.
Made by Jenny

Made by Susan
Made by Janet
Made by Lori
Made by Sarah
Made by Kelly
Made by me

Quilt of Valor is truly a great project.  What a way to say thanks.  Not all of the recipients will really know what it means or what went in to it, at least not at first.  But they will someday.  And then they will get that we said thank you and really meant it.  You should check the organization out.

- Katelyn

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pretty Pink Princess

Can you get more girly and princess-y than pink and gold?

I wasn't sure I was going to love so much glam, but I do!
 I added a 1in border so I wouldn't lose any of my points in binding.  So the quilt top became 50x50. 

I practiced a regular swoon block here, before doubling the block size and making this quilt.  I'm a tad ocd, but it was most likely not necessary.  The block is super easy, just a bunch of steps/pieces.

In fact, it really took no time at all to put this together.  The quilting, however, is another story.

I chose to FMQ in a Stipple pattern for this quilt.  I wanted something that would no detract, but that I could practice at the same time.  I picked a pretty light pink thread that matched the pink background.
It was going great...until I turned it over.

I was devistated.  The front looked amazing.  But the back - was a monster.  My bobbin tension was all kinds of OFF.  I had quilted 3/4 of the quilt and 1/4 of that - looked like this.

I cried.  I threw the quilt.  I went to sleep.  The next day I got to unpicking my mess.  It took me days.
Then I finally got to get back.  I checked my tension and set to work.
 Until this:

I don't know what happened.  Honest.  I did not sew through this pin.  Yet it still got the bobbin thingy (I know - be astounded by the technical jargon). 
And it broke my machine.
Not sure if you can see - but the needle wouldn't go down because it was hitting the bobbin thingy.
There were more tears, some cursing, and complete boredom.
Don't you hate it when you CAN'T do something - then that one thing becomes the only thing you want to do.
Alas, my local repair shop fixed it first thing on Monday and I got to get back to it.

Of course, I am sure that you realize that by the time I got the machine working again, all I wanted was to finish this quilt.  To get it out of my sight and never see it again.  But, I still love it. 

She crinkled up so nicely in the end. 

And you can't see any mistakes on the back - so glad that light pink blended so well on both sides.  lol

Truly fit for a princess - Stubborn, pitiful, full of drama and high maintenance, and fabulously beautiful. 


Quilt Info:
 washed -  it's about 48.5x48.5
 Fabrics -
    Top ->    Michael Miller Glitz Metallic Quarter Dot Pearlized Blush
                  Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot Sunshine
                  Kona Cotton Medium Pink
    Back ->   Michael Miller Glitz Metallic Confetti Single Border    
                  Pearlized Mist
    Binding -> Michael Miller Mirror Ball Dot Sunshine
Pattern - Swoon (by Thimble Blossoms)

I Only hope that the princess this quilt now belongs to doesn't give her mother as much trouble.  ;)

 - Katelyn