Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas in February

So, I just gave my mom her Christmas gift.  On February 2....Ooops.  I feel like this is starting to be a tradition - my mom doesn't get her gifts on Christmas.  Last year, my brother, sister and I all went in together and got her one super cool gift....and she didn't get it until June.  I tried to hold off till June this year, but she told me that would not work. :)
I just had so much to do before Christmas that I was unable to complete the gift...and it did not help that she was home on many of the same days I was at home and therefore I could not work on it cause she would be able to see it.  Now I have tried several times to work on the gift since Christmas, but random things have kept me from getting it done (like leaving the pedal and plug to the sewing machine at home when I went to Kirie's to sew - sorry I was so boring and not productive, Kirie).  Anyway I was working on my homework on Thursday and after lunch decided to give the gift another shot. 
I should preface to say that I have been working on this since September or October, but kept putting it aside for other projects that had to be completed first.  So all I had left was the quilting and binding....I did it on Thursday.  Washed and dried by the time she came home (lucky me she went out after work and did not get home till 9:30 or so). 
I read a quote on Pinterest that said, "Don't worry, they will still love your handmade gifts in January."  Does this still apply to February?? 
I am excited that it is finally off my to-do list and my mom says she loves it. 
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*Sorry Such Poor Picture Quality...I have been using my phone to take pictures.