Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Isaac's quilt

So...I started making a quilt for my nephew Isaac over a year ago.  I have no idea what happened.
I wasn't going to make Isaac a quilt first (he is not my oldest nephew), but Sarah and Andrew had purchased fabric and paid someone to make him a quilt when he was born (2011).  The lady did not use most of the fabric they bought, so Sarah just gave it to me.  I decided I should use some of what I was given (I didn't love all of it) and make a toddler sized quilt for Isaac.  That was a dumb idea, he already had a quilt.  Duh.  But long before I figured that out I went out and got more fabric to go with the quilt and cut it all up.  I had pieced the blocks together and sewed the blocks into rows when I told Sarah what I was doing and showed it to her.

She had just gotten through making Isaac a new bedroom set (Oh yeah, she is crafty too) and asked if I could turn it into a twin sized quilt for his bed instead.
I won't lie, I was a bit petrified.  It seemed like such a daunting task.  But really it turned out ok.

I then tried to make up my own back - I drew it out first.  Of course I screwed up and made it 8 inches longer and 8 inches shorter in width than it was supposed to be I decided it needed to be a slightly different size. 
I love it.  Hopefully Sarah will too!

I was so worried that it would get lost that I asked for the insurance on the package.  They got it.  And guess what?  Sarah says she loves it AND it fits!!!
 Also, super surprising to me, but the little man loves having it.  Sarah told me that he had to cover up with it when he laid down (and it is not cold there right now).  I am ecstatic! 

XOXO - Aunt Katelyn

Monday, July 29, 2013

Leah's Quilt

I got a new niece at the end of February.  She keeps her momma awake at all hours, but she lives in Washington state so it doesn't bother me I love her anyway.  When Sarah found out that she was going to have a girl she asked me to make a quilt for her.  Needless to say I freaked out felt honored.  I made Sarah pick out a patterned fabric and then went on the hunt for some coordinating colors.
I used Freckled Whimsy's tutorial for Pocket Full of Pinwheels and created my own back.
I put the L on with machine applique and then embroidered her name.

I don't have any great pictures because I was in a serious rush.  But Sarah did send me this one:
One of Leah's other aunts made her custom artwork to go on her walls that would match the colors in the quilt.  That girl is gonna be so spoiled. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Master Quilter

I have been learning how to quilt now for a little over two years.  I have made 6 quilts: 2 throws, 2 baby, 1 toddler, and 1 twin.  I have several works in progress right now, but have many more "wish to make" piles that should be allowed.  One of my WIP is supposed to be big enough to go on my bed, and the quilting is terrifying me.  I have actually decided I should have it proffessionally quilted.  I looked up pricing and found out that $0.015 (per sq inch) is average.  That would cost me about $115, which is far more than I want to spend.  I will if I have to, but...I went out on a limb and took a quilting class today.
I went to my local quilt shop, Klassy Katz, and gave it a try.
The class was interesting. I will say that I learned quite a bit. However, since I do know the difference between 80/20, scrim, and 100% batting, needles, walking and free motion feet, and basting. There was about an hour or so in there where I could have done some shopping. Good thing I was not rude enough to get up and do that because my wallet would not be pleased. 
I REALLY wanted to take the class and leave as a master quilter, but unfortunately life does not work that way. 
We started with the walking foot:
Not too terrible- I had never tried archs or curves with a walking foot. Not really sure I knew that I could. 

Then we pulled out the free motion:
Again not the worst thing I've done. 

Really I just need to practice, practice, practice!  Ugh!  I hate practice. And I hate that practice time takes up quilt piecing time. Oh well...priorities. Off to practice!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Job Search

So...I have two degrees and no job.  I am not being lazy, though I am sure some people think that I probably am.  I am, however, being slightly picky.

I have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and went off to work for a children's theatre after I graduated.  It didn't last long.  Don't get me wrong, I loved it.  But it is difficult to travel somewhere new every week, no way to really make friends, and absolutely no relationships.  Also, the money was lousy (what did I expect with an education in Theatre Performance with a minor in English Literature?).  So I came home.

I have a Master's in Early Childhood education.  I had discovered a love for kids and was hoping I would be able to take care of myself (money/house-wise).  I am so dumb. That was an incorrect assumption.    After graduating I got two different interim teaching positions (that means I was a TEACHER without benefits or a promise of a job).  However, the area in which I live is having a rough time with its education system and I have been unable to secure a job position.

Through all of this I truly feel that God is leading somewhere completely different.  I am looking into going back to school.  After all moving home didn't grant me many new friends and no relationships, so perhaps He needs me to do something else before I can move on.

Any suggestions???

xoxo - Katelyn

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long time no post...

So my mother and sister-in-law have been making fun of me.  I got a text from my SIL a few weeks ago asking me if I remembered that I have a blog.... Yes, Sarah, I remember.  LOL

I believe it has been two years since I posted.  It has been a busy two years.  :)

I student taught, graduated with my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education, and got an Interim as a Kindergarten teacher for a year (two different K teachers each took a semester off to have beautiful babies).  Now I am just chillin'.  I tried to use my craftiness to create games and fun decor for the classroom.
I also got a new niece!  She is the bomb!  Super cute just like her big brother.

I walked in the Color Mania Color Run.  It was SO much Fun!!!

My fabulous family came to visit (missing a few key players, my brother - deployed, his family, my cousin Bret, and my aunt Linda)!
I burned myself.  Just a slight third degree - no big.

I am apparently a trend setter - because within the next week my mother, grandmother, sister-in-law, and two cousins also got small burns. 
Shannon - oven

Luke - Firework
  AND.... I got to see SIR PAUL!  I'm ready to see him again!
So that wasn't two years worth - But I think it is enough. WHEW!


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