Saturday, May 14, 2011

oh, baby!

Man what a busy busy that I am only just now posting at 11pm!!  Today I threw a shower for my cousin Emily.  She is due on July 27th (I think).  She is also having a boy!  And we are all very excited!  Not sure who all knows - but this is the summer of boys.  Yep...everyone is having a boy.  Emily (Patrick Ryan Joyce - what an Irish name!  I am so proud.  LOL), Sarah (my SIL), and Chelsea (another cousin). My sister, Wendy, and Sarah's sister (and one of my best friends), Leslie, are both having babies, but they are going to be surprised...I am here to tell you that those babies are boys.  It is just how things have to be.  Leslie has two girls and they are trying for a boy (so it should be a boy!) and Wendy needs a boy.  Wendy has three kids now, two girls and a boy, so it will only be economical for the next kid to be a boy - so he and Asher can share a room when the time comes.  RIGHT??  So they are boys...bottom line...I have declared it so. I have probably jinxed them...opps.  :)  Anyway - Emily's shower - Momma forgot to tell Grandmother that it was going to be at her house...great start to the day right?  so she was freaking out - I was the only calm one all day.  We had a great spread and may I just say those cupcakes were SOOOOOO CUTE!  They were also super yummy - thanks to the help of those amazing little chefs at the Lipman Culinary Institute (you didn't know that existed?  Yep, the location is the pre-school three class).  We had lots of fun - not a ton of people...but not overwhelming either.  Yay!

dino banner
pretty flowers, right
the spread

yummy, berry - fruit salad
best hummus in the world - thanks Jodie and Mary!
the delicious cupcakes!
Me and Emily
Belly Shot :)

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