Monday, May 2, 2011

How Amazing is MY MOTHER??

Of course the question has only 20 gazillion answers that all go along with fantastically amazing, remarkably amazing, too cool for school, etc.  She has always been supportive of anything I wanted to do.  I get my crafting gene from her - that is fo' sho'!  When I was really little she made all of my dresses for church - taught me how to make clothes for my dolls...I learned how to sew from her!  And now - many years later I am putting that skill to partial use - and still asking for her help, of course.  I made a baby blanket for Sarah - and my mom made a boppy cover and breast feeding cover out of the same fabric...Lots of fun.  Can you guess what team we love?


Me with the loot before it was boxed up and mailed...



  1. NEVER type in all CAPITOL letters! It is like you are YELLING! - dad

  2. Um...I didn't do that. I didn't realize it was like that until you posted this, I had to look at it to see what you meant. How strange!