Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Invasion has begun...

I have grand plans.  Those plans include making almost everyone in my immediate family a quilt.  I know it sounds nuts.  It is nuts (if you know me).  Yet, those are my plans.  I have made quilts for three people so far my momma, my niece Leah, and my nephew Isaac.  Still to go - Dad, grandparents (x2), Sister, Sister-in-Law, and Two more nephews and two more nieces.  Plus my best friend might be getting one too.   Whew.  That sounds like a bunch to me.  Well...Its Asher's turn to get my quilting attention. He is my oldest nephew and I have been planning his quilt practically since I started quilting.  He doesn't know about it and it better stay that way.  He is seven so I don't see him getting a hold of this post.

I remember playing space invaders on the Atari, in my sister's room, when I was little.  When I saw Elizabeth Hartman post about the Space Invaders Quilt she was making her nephew, on her blog Oh, Fransson! I knew that this was the one.  I bet my nephew has never heard of Space Invaders, but his mother taught me how to play - so it works for me. 

I basically decided to copy Elizabeth's colors - cause I love them. 
However, she did not make a pattern, so I was on my own.  Space Invaders are easy because they are pixelated.  So I researched and drew out my own pattern.
This was so much fun to draw out and color.  lol
Then I purchased and cut my fabric.  I have been sewing ever since. 

I have three, out of five, invaders completed.  I have decided to name them.  I was going to go with Tom, Dick, and Harry (being a fan of Kiss Me Kate) but may have changed my mind. 

Ignore the fact his ear is off...I'm thinking of leaving it - he is special.

I am in love.  I hope I have enough time in my life to finish this by Christmas.  But his birthday is in May - so I may (pun intended) change my due date. 

**I will never use black fabric is such a drama queen


Friday, August 16, 2013

Flea Finds

Several months ago one of my friends, Debi, had a "yard sale."  She was trying to de-clutter some space for her new caravan.    I went thinking I would support the cause, not knowing what treasures would awaited me.  I found a beautiful, rusted, old, mini, sewing machine, a gorgeous vintage sheet, super fun vintage apron pattern on a nice linen, a few ceramic friends made into pin cushions, and 5 hand-stitched, hand-quilted hearts - that I promptly turned into bunting. 

Not pictured: fabulous fabric
After this adventure my friends and I decided to check out the Nashville Flea Market.  It is held the 4th weekend of every month at the State Fair Grounds.  It took us three-four months to straighten our schedules but we went.  I was super excited - as I had never before gone to a Flea Market.  Crazy, right?  I know. I'm apparently very sheltered.  ;)

I warned my friends, during the 3 hour car ride, that I was not the best shopper.  I explained that I turn into a whinny toddler get tired of shopping after an hour or so (read: 20 minutes).  They promised to help me behave.  Lol. 

At first, I was a bit down, felt left out.  My friends were seeing and sometimes buying great stuff for their homes and craft booths.  I just saw cute stuff I had no room to put.  Until the great find of the day:

 Hand-pieced quilt top.  Someone took a lot of time to put this together.  It was loved once and I am planning on showing it some love too.  I'm thinking of a solid back, but practicing some hand-quilting (even though it will probably take me the next 20 years).  Debi found it for me.  That Debi, she's kinda like a rock star. 

After that, everything else flowed.  Three-pane window (that I'm gonna spruce up even though my friends told me to leave as is, John Lennon (I skip over the Yoko) and Led Zeppelin Records, and fabric - 1/2 yd or more of each. 



$5 - for everything
I had a blast! I didn't even ask to leave until 3:30pm - we got there at 10am, so major progress.  I already want to go again.  But I am no dummy.  I think I'll wait until I have a place of my own to fill with my flea market finds. 


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Christmas Zigzag...what to do?

So I was planning a "Christmas in July" post with this one, but it just didn't happen.  Too much going on with my grandfather being in the hospital (he is gonna be just fine) and trying to get back in the blogging universe.

I started this quilt (meaning I cut out the fabric) around January. But I put it aside for later seeing as how there was SO much time before I would need it.  Well I wanna start working on it again, but I need a bit of assistance.

I trimmed the half-square triangles.

 And I finished re-cutting the aqua squares I cut too large in the first place trimming the background squares.  But now what do I do??
Put all of the HST together in separate red, white, green rows?
Keep them in separate color rows, but mix up the HST?
Or... Mix up all of the HST so all of the red, white, and green are mixed in together?
Help a girl out.  Tell me what you think.

xoxo - Katelyn