Sunday, May 15, 2011

grunge is not me...

I like white shirts...but I hardly ever buy them because I think hey get grungy and dungy looking after a short period of time.  Well, i decided that I was going to bleach my white shirts so they would look nice and white and no longer yuck...Lucky me I told my mom before I did that.  She told me that bleach would not do the trick, and that I should try vinegar water. Say what? Yep, vinegar water.  So, I followed her directions:
                         a little bit of detergent
                                cold water
                   and vinegar (1/3 to the water)

I left the shirts in the tub of vinegar water mixture for 24 hrs...then washed the shirts.  I think it helped.  Not perfect - which is what I would have liked...but better.  Thanks Momma!
Now if anyone has and even better solution - let me know!

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