Friday, November 25, 2011

I have been busy...

That is pretty much an understatement, but it most likely applies to everyone.  So the last quilting project I posted on was the flower quilt...I haven't touched it since that post.  I have decided (with y'alls help) what pattern to use!  I will be starting on it soon.  I have to make some Chirstmas stockings first (like tomorrow).  I have been crazy with student teaching. I am loving my second placement!  I am one lucky girl to have such fabulous schools and cooperating teachers for both of my student teaching placements.  My last day is Tuesday, November 29th.  I am kinda depressed about it. I am going to miss these kids SO much.  I am loving 1st grade, but I loved pre-k and kindergarten I am still not sure where my heart belongs.  I have been accepted to sub for Shelby County and have my application in for the Diocese...I hope to begin subbing next week!  And, oh boy, does my bank account need me to start subbing next week. 
Anyway, I had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I hope yall did too.  My Nana came to spend Thanksgiving at our house, and since it has been almost a year since I have seen her I was thrilled!  We had a family dinner and Leslie, Jason and their kids (pretty much my sister and brother and nieces) came over for an hour or so.  We also got to skype with Wendy, Asher, Piper, Charis, and Toby and Andrew, Sarah, and Isaac!  I am unbelievably blessed to live in a time where I can talk and SEE my family from miles away.  Charis is talking now, copying what everyone else says.  It sounded like Piper was saying "Katelyn" instead of "Datelyn" so... success!  And she was so sweet, she says that she misses me and wants me to come to her house.  Well, Piper, I miss you too and would love to visit, however - see earlier mention of sad depleted bank account.  So please come visit me!
Happy note:
She is gonna visit me!  April is the expected date that Richard, Wendy, and kids will be moving back to the States - stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky!!!! Only 3.5 hours away!!
Also Richard may be coming back from Afghanistan in January instead of February, so prayers for safe travel would be appreciated. 
Sad (but expected) note:
Andrew is deploying next week.  I am gonna miss him so much!  I have only spent one Christmas without him and I was with Wendy this Christmas I will be sibling-less (hopefully I can convince Sarah to spend most of the day with me). 

Now that the longest update ever is over:
I have not touched the flower quilt...but I have made two others and already given them away!

This "Memphis" quilt was a gift for a friend of mine (fellow student teacher, that - randomly enough - I also went to high school with) who is having a baby boy in February.  She and her husband are huge Memphis Tiger fans and I thought it would be cute to make baby Landon a "Memphis" quilt.  This is the third quilt I have made and by far the easiest.  I think I made it in three days (while doing all the other stuff I do)!  I should have started with something like this...but oh well.  I have decided that a quilting class to learn how to better bind is in order. 

Now my best friend Kirie is due in January and will be having a beautiful baby girl I have been slaving over her quilt since I posted about the flower one :).

The fabric is Moda - "It's a Hoot" by Moma.  I am in love and wish that I could still get it...but it came out in April and I had a difficult enough time getting it in September.  The backing is "rose" a micro-fleece (or something like that - from hobby was awful to tack, just ask my mom who was amazing enough to help me).  I got the pattern for this quilt from LellaBoutique in her etsy shop...and now I have lost it.  I am so mad at my self.  Oh well, I am in love with this quilt and think it is fantastic (if I do say so). 

* the making of these two quilts could not have been possible without Harry Potter on CD, TV ears (if you don't have them you should - they rock), Casting Crowns - Come to the Well CD, and Adele - 21. 

Now off to make some Christmas gifts.  I hope to post next week...we shall see.  LOL