Friday, August 1, 2014

Learning is Hexy

I taught a short lesson on English Paper Piecing to my local quilt guild recently.  I brought everyone some 1.5in Hexagon paper pieces (we are a super small guild - though trying to grow - so it wasn't a big deal to make 7 Hexagon paper pieces, each, for everyone). 

After I thread basted two for demonstration, I went home and basted the rest of my hexagons with my brand new Sewline Glue Pen.  

I liked using it.  It was certainly faster for me (though not by as much time as I thought it would be...there is always a chance I was doing it incorrectly - I just don't know what could have been done differently.  lol).  After I basted the hexis I tried to use the glue pen to baste my diamonds (posted previously here).  I hated it.  This just did not hold the way that I thought it would.  I guess the way that the fabric is folded is just so different that I had a rough time with it.  Back to thread for those.

Anyway, hexis...
I sewed them together and then hand appliqued down to a nice teal color fabric (first time!).

it's a bit blurry...but that just means you can't see my white thread so much.  lol

Next I had to hand quilt it.  This is a big "first-time" project for me, glad I put it on a small scale.  

Wee bit of my Instagram progress:

And now it is bound, washed, and in use!

I used many fabrics from my bed quilt and pillows... So it matches!

The back looks pretty bad...oops.

But I love how the front turned out!

Loving my hexi mug rug.  Do you have any eep tips for me?  Or perhaps some hand quilting advice for this newbie? ;)

- Katelyn