Thursday, May 5, 2011

Starting The Day Off Right!

So every morning when the kids and I get to school they do journals - you know draw pictures and write a word (or words) about their drawings...Well we had a special guest coming so they did not do journals. Instead they headed straight for free choice time and ever since we got the new kitchen in our room the stage has been open every day (as they are so excited for the new kitchen they clean it up like pros at clean-up time).  The new favorite things to do while playing on the stage consist of wearing fairy wings while cooking and feeding the class :)  and getting me to babysit their kids (or the one cabbage patch doll they have affectionatly named Lucy).  I am told to babysit and feed Lucy while they cook - the best part is I get paid $50 to do so...the not so great part is that the $50 is not real money.  Hahaha!  But they have so much fun!  And when they are having fun - I am having a blast as well!!!!!
Hope your day has started off just as fabulous as mine has!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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