Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Modern Entry

This is my second entry for the Blogger's Quilt Festival, to see my first entry please click here.

My second entry for the blogger's quilt festival is for the modern quilts category.

I wanted to enter my Space Invader's quilt.

I loved making this quilt so much.  It took me quite a while, but every time I completed an invader I did a little dance....and named them.  :)
It was amazing, to me, to see it all come together.

For the front (the invaders) I used 2 inch finished squares. 

For the back (my favorite part) I used 1.5 inch finished squares.

The quilt finishes at 58x64.  I machine pieced the quilt, and machine quilted it (on my home machine) with an all over boxy pattern. 

I gave it to my nephew for Christmas and he will not (according to my sister) sleep without it. 

I have Elizabeth Hartman to thank for the inspiration.  She made a space invaders quilt on her blog Oh, Fransson!  way back in 2012.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Katelyn


Monday, May 19, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry 1 - Spring 2014

I have decided to enter the blogger's quilt festival.  I loved getting to see all of the beautiful quilts.  So...I'm gonna give it a shot. 

I have chosen to enter my "Blue Discovery" quilt in the large quilt category

 This quilt was such a labor of love.  It was my first large sized quilt.  I used a lattice quilt pattern I had found online, but it was for a baby quilt and I didn't know how to resize correctly or do quilt math.  So needless to say, I went back to the store several times for more of the avocado background fabric. 
But the squares - I saw those fabrics and knew that I had to make something from them.
Blue is my favorite color and I couldn't pass up those combinations. 

I purchased all of the fabrics from JoAnn's.  I machine pieced the quilt and the quilt back.  I had the it quilted by a local long-armer, but I hand stitched the binding (and I love the way it brings the quilt together).

 The quilt measures 87x87.
I love using it, and even made a few pillows to match.

- Katelyn


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm Seeing Stars

I mentioned in my last post that I had cut out some of the extra fabric I had for the sparkle punch quilt for other projects as well.

Here is one:

After all of the fun I had learning to English Paper Piece with hexagons (post here), I had to start a new EEP WIP.   I decided to make a diamond star quilt.  When the pieces all come together it should look something like this:

Of course I am not only using green. It just seems that way right now.  I still have many more greens to go...

I have several low volumes basted and ready to go as well...

 It is seriously fun watching them come together - Like a mini triumph with every block.  But considering how long they take me to make... finishing one is kind-of a real-life reason to celebrate.  lol

*I made my own paper pieces with my silhouette paper cutter and cardstock.

So many more to baste.  This is a project that is going to take me forever - I'm setting my goal for 8 years.  ;)

But I did decide I needed a quick finish from these and made a quilty friend a mugrug/mini:

 hope she likes it.

I am off to do a sewing lesson with my nieces and nephews...wish me luck!

- Katelyn

Friday, May 9, 2014

WIP: Sparkle punch fabric pull

Late last year I wrote a post about wanting to make a sparkle punch quilt for my niece.  I bought tons of fabric along the way and am only repeating one fabric in the entire front of the quilt...and it is one of the side 1/4 stars.  I went crazy.  But it has been so much fun, and I am already using the fabrics in two other quilts as well (meaning I cut the fabric out...I haven't actually sewn with it yet.  lol). 

I have all of my different sets of squares cut out.  I have also cut all of my background fabric - I am using Kona Coal.  I cannot wait to see how the colors play off the Coal.  It will probably be late next week before I get to sew any of this, but I can't wait!

Look at that rainbow fun!

I'm off to my sister's to meet my newest niece.  Yall have a great weekend!

 - Katelyn