Saturday, May 7, 2011

For Serious?!?!?!?!!

After the last few weeks of storms and rain, and, therefore, driving without cruise-control and in stop-in-go traffic....I was in desperate need of gas.  Soooo, I pulled into trusty ole' Sam's Club - where I have a membership just so I can get discount gas and photos - and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  A large price tag.  I drive a small car with *good gas mileage for a reason people!  Thank goodness I will not have to pay for it this summer (well I will be paying in Ireland and the trains, planes, and buses will be taking it's place...but still).  If only I could stay with this tank of gas and not have to get ANY before I leave...then maybe I could con my dad into filling it up (like I am going to try and con him into getting the oil changed;))...but three weeks is just improbable.  Oh well...
For Serious??

For SHAME!!!
*good gas mileage only comes to those who drive the speed limit...

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