Monday, July 25, 2011

Dublin, oh Dublin

We went on a tour bus of the city today (we went yesterday too, but later in the day so we didn't see quite as much). It was a lot of fun, but man is it windy on the top of that bus!
We saw loads of cool places and got to visit quite a few really nice museums (though I felt that the Irish museum of modern art was terribly underwhelming). We also went to the Guinness Brewery where we got a free pint at the end of the tour (yum!).
We saw neat statues like those of Daniel O'Connel (the liberator, he liberated Catholics from Irish suppression) and some monk that was against alcohol who is now missing three fingers because someone tried to super glue a pint of Guinness to his hand a few St Patrick's days ago.
We also saw the beautiful St Pat's cathedral - the most spectacular bells I have ever heard!

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