Monday, July 4, 2011

London -day one

So the Holiday Inn by the airport is amazing! We forgot what real hotels were like, and this one was even nicer than that;). We took the tube to our hotel in central London. Dropped off our things, stood in awe at the niceness of our room, jumped for joy like a crazy person because there was Internet in our room (at least I did, Olivia thought I was nuts), then set out on our first London adventure. We took a tour of the Royal Albert Hall, walked through Hyde park, made our way to Big Ben and parliament, crossing Westminster bridge to get to the London Eye (which is a little scary if you are afraid of heights like me, and then we got lost on our way to Picadilly Circus-I was holding the map, and then again on the way to the Hard Rock Cafe London - Olivia was holding the map...
We had a blast. Can't wait to see what today brings.

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