Thursday, July 7, 2011

London - day 4

We had a difficult time deciding what we were gonna do today. It is our last day and there is still SO many things we haven't done. We finally made the decision that four things in one day was do-able. So on the bill was 1) Natural History Museum, 2) Beatles Store, 3) Tate Modern, and 4) The British Museum - all before 6pm. It did not exactly work out that way.
As it turns out I LOVE dinosaurs and skeletons and fossils...we spent 3hrs in the Natural History Museum, and we didn't see it all. Then we spent one hour in the Beatles store, then a quick lunch (the first horrible one we've had-mcDonalds is about 100% better than what we had for lunch), i made my starbuck's purchases, then we dropped off the things we had purchased and realized that we only had time for one more place. We chose the British Museum because we REALLY wanted to see the Rosetta Stone. Once we finally got there we had a slightly difficult time locating the stone (about 3-5minutes) then there it was...and there was the guard telling us that they close the exhibits at 5:30 not 6 and we have to leave. I begged for time to take a pic (of course the flash glared off the anti-glare glass) and then we left without even getting to read the info next to the stone. BUT we still saw stand it was still cool.
Then off to dinner (much better than lunch) and a show. We saw "Love Never Dies" the sequal to Phantom of the Opera. It was good, but no where near up to par with Phantom. The actors were fabulous but the show was just not as good.
Stratford-upon-Avon is next. Renting a car is on Friday (wish me luck).

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