Wednesday, July 6, 2011

London - day 3

We went to Westminster Abbey this morning. It is gorgeous! And so exciting all of the history that lives inside the church. They also had all of the visitors and everyone else pause to pray once while we were there-I loved that.
Then we got ever so slightly lost on our way to the Beatles/Rock tour. Once we found it we ate lunch (mcDonald's, as there was not really time for anything else). The tour was great, we learned SO much. AND we got to walk across Abbey Road:).
Oh and before the tour we had a little bit of time to spare, due to the fast lunch, and we went to a store where Olivia found a hat like Joey's from friends.
Tonight we went to see "Million-Dollar Quartet." It was amazing!! I can't believe how good those guys did! It was also great fun that the gentleman that played Carl Perkins was quite talented and attractive:).
I think a fun day was had by all!

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