Sunday, July 3, 2011

Venice, Italy

Venice was really cool. But I didn't feel like I needed more than two days there:). St. Mark's Square was very touristy (if that is a word), but we thought it was cool and had fun. The church (St. Mark's Basilica) was GORGEOUS!!!!! We even went in through the Palace Ducale which is where the bridge of sighs is located. We also made our dinner! We went to the supermarket and then made pasta- yay for a kitchen. Then there was nutella for dessert:). The next day we went to Lido (one of the 118 islands), Rialto Bridge, the fruit market, and lots of other places. We are in London now- I am in love (so far)! I even found a gift for Kirie Walz (that she might hate but that's ok cause then I will keep it). I will post more about London tomorrow since I have internet. Yay!!!!! Oh.... And there are starbucks on every corner (the joys of civilization).

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