Tuesday, July 5, 2011

London -day 2

The first place we went today was, guess where????
That's right, Starbucks!
I have not purchased my mugs yet - but I will...don't worry:)
Next we took the tube to Paddington Station, then trains to Slough, and on to Windsor Castle.

We walked all around and it was way cool.
The castle is basically it's own town.
Queen Mary's Dollhouse was awesome.
It was way bigger than I thought it would be and incredibly detailed.
We went into St George's Cathedral inside the Windsor castle grounds - it was beautiful!
King Henry the 8th is buried there. I bought a hysterical book about him:)

The whole castle thing took lots longer than we thought it would (like most things we do) and by the time we got back to London everything was closing. They close down so much earlier than we do in America. It is super annoying.
However, we went and got half price tickets to see one show for every night we have left (since everything else closes early). We saw "We Will Rock You" tonight. It was so good! It is a musical where they sing the music of Queen and a few songs they wrote too (well Ben Elton wrote). The musical was so funny I was literally laughing out loud for pretty much the whole thing - except for when that girl next to me not only pulled out her phone twice at the beginning of the show to look at it but also answered it. I tattled on her during intermission. Yep. I am now four-years-old:).
I can't wait for tomorrow! I just wish I didn't have to get up SO early (as I type this at 1:20am).
Yay, London!!

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