Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year is Over...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying 2014!  My family has been visiting.  Much fun has ensued and I am crazy tired. 

My brother (who just came back from deployment about 2 weeks ago) came for Christmas with his wife and family.

my dad took their family pictures...It is so difficult to get a baby to sit still and smile!! (this is of course a horrible pic I took from my phone in the background)
 He is the reason for the crochet stockings..."They have to be just like ours"  *sigh.
This is what they looked like on Christmas morning...

Now they are finished...In time for next year is better than nothing, right?  They just used them without the names.  Isaac kept trying to look in his to see if more things have appeared.  :)

I got aurifil in my stocking!  I am so excited to try this out!  I want to start my next project right away!

My sister-in-law is like a sewing machine!  Since she has been here she finished a Christmas dress she started for my niece.

Then she got my mom to show her how to sew up the smocking she made into a dress:

AND she is getting me to show her how to make a quilt...her first.  Lets see if we can finish this quilt top up today (before she leaves tomorrow)!
There was no clean floor space anywhere - what with so many people staying at out house (7 adults, 6 children, and one dog, plus all the visitors that came by to see our guests).  It was super difficult to keep the kids from walking on the fabric!  Even the older ones walked on top of our layout. 

*I did finish two quilts and just gave them away last night - in our last Christmas gift exchange.  I'll post about those later in the new year!*
Merry Christmas (5 more days till Epiphany!) and Happy New Year!
XXOO - Katelyn

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