Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Invasion has begun...

I have grand plans.  Those plans include making almost everyone in my immediate family a quilt.  I know it sounds nuts.  It is nuts (if you know me).  Yet, those are my plans.  I have made quilts for three people so far my momma, my niece Leah, and my nephew Isaac.  Still to go - Dad, grandparents (x2), Sister, Sister-in-Law, and Two more nephews and two more nieces.  Plus my best friend might be getting one too.   Whew.  That sounds like a bunch to me.  Well...Its Asher's turn to get my quilting attention. He is my oldest nephew and I have been planning his quilt practically since I started quilting.  He doesn't know about it and it better stay that way.  He is seven so I don't see him getting a hold of this post.

I remember playing space invaders on the Atari, in my sister's room, when I was little.  When I saw Elizabeth Hartman post about the Space Invaders Quilt she was making her nephew, on her blog Oh, Fransson! I knew that this was the one.  I bet my nephew has never heard of Space Invaders, but his mother taught me how to play - so it works for me. 

I basically decided to copy Elizabeth's colors - cause I love them. 
However, she did not make a pattern, so I was on my own.  Space Invaders are easy because they are pixelated.  So I researched and drew out my own pattern.
This was so much fun to draw out and color.  lol
Then I purchased and cut my fabric.  I have been sewing ever since. 

I have three, out of five, invaders completed.  I have decided to name them.  I was going to go with Tom, Dick, and Harry (being a fan of Kiss Me Kate) but may have changed my mind. 

Ignore the fact his ear is off...I'm thinking of leaving it - he is special.

I am in love.  I hope I have enough time in my life to finish this by Christmas.  But his birthday is in May - so I may (pun intended) change my due date. 

**I will never use black fabric is such a drama queen



  1. THAT is a neat idea! My boys are in love with vintage video games. I know there's a Mario quilt in my future, but I can't imagine making three of them. I'll have to add Space Invaders to the list of possibilities. :-)

    1. I bet you could make a pixelated Mario quilt! The original was very square-ish. I would never have thought of that. My nephew is huge into leggos, but I loved the idea of Space Invaders too much to pass on it. Good Luck with your quilts!!!