Friday, October 11, 2013

Quilting Bee

Some of you might not know what a quilting bee is...I certainly didn't before I participated in one.

The definition is "where people gather together to make a quilt."
Well, I recently participated in a Virtual Quilting Bee hosted by Amy Smart over at Diary of a Quilter.  So instead of gathering together to learn to make new and different blocks, I just logged onto her blog every two weeks and made a new one from there.  I used a fat quarter set that I already owned for the project, Oh, Deer!  by Moda.

You can still get the fat quarters at a few places, one that I know of is Lily Bella Fabrics.

The Bee just finished the 16th, and final block.  It has been so much fun to participate!!!  Now in a few weeks Amy is gonna come back and tell use how to put the blocks together to make a quilt.  Though I have some idea how it will look because of a previous quilt she made from a different quilt-along.
Here are my blocks:

 Busy, right??  I don't feel like this is what I am drawn to usually, but I kinda love them.  And I think that once I put a solid sashing between the blocks they will calm down a tiny bit.  All of the blocks (unfinished) are 8.5 inches and the quilt will be about 70x70. 

There are three blocks where I used a cream solid (towards the beginning of the bee), but I think I will still use the cream for a sashing - those three may just pop out more.  Then I'm thinking a red and blue for my squares and borders (if we really put it together just like the one Amy made).  Thoughts???

I decided to go back to the same color scheme for my last block that I used in my first block...tie it all in for me:

Block 1

Block 16
 And I had so much fun learning new techniques, like paper piecing (which I talked about in this post):

Block 15 - Paper Piecing

And fussy cutting:

Block 12

Block 6

I just can't believe that its almost over.  It has been so much fun!!

 - Katelyn


  1. these are so pretty, Katelyn! I like the busy-ness a lot!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. Thanks Kelly!!
      I didn't think I was a "busy" person. But I am really enjoying these blocks!!!