Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Game Over

I lost my mind when I decided to make this quilt. Tiny squares and miniature half square triangles filled my brain and invaded my dreams for a while there. 

I posted a bit ago (read= months ago) about starting a space invaders quilt for my nephew (link to that post here).  I have worked on several things in between then and now.  But still it seemed like it was taking me forever to finish this quilt.  I finished sewing the binding on the day after Christmas (I wasn't giving it away until the 29th of December so I was ahead of the game...I guess).

I put a quilt label on ...Did a really sloppy job of it too.  I wanted to give a hand quilted look to the edges...with purple thread (Because I am the horrible Aunt who forgot that my nephew's favorite color is purple and didn't put any on his quilt).  I will do better next time is all I can say.  I couldn't figure out how to end the stitch after I had gone all the way around with it...any suggestions?

This quilt was quilted with an all-over free motion stitch.  I tried to make the quilting be squared and boxy.

Up close of the quilting - after wash

Honestly...I'm in love.  I am going to need to have visitation rights or something.  I look at this and can't believe that I made it.  It seems way too cool to have come from me.
That being said, the practically stolen inspiration came from the amazingly talented Elizabeth Hartman and her blog Oh, Fransson!  Way back in 2012 she made a space invaders quilt for her nephew and I have wanted to copy it ever since.   I did draw out my quilt myself...and it is slightly different.  Mine finishes somewhere around 58x64.  The squares used to construct the front finish at 2inches.
But I think that the back may be even better than the front.  At least it seemed to take longer...and might be my favorite.

It was constructed using 1.5 in finished squares and a 6in finished border around the "explosion."

I wish that I had thought to take more close up pictures of the space invaders and the different prints mixed in with the solids...I might have to do a separate post on that next time I get to visit my nephew.  He would have fun helping me take the photos. 

In all the anxiety and frustration with little pieces...I enjoyed making every bit of this quilt.  It may be the neatest thing I will ever make.  Thanks to Elizabeth Hartman for her never ending genius and inspiration! And I am excited to say that my nephew seems to love it. 

*This was my 4th quilt finish of 2013*

I'm off to study now...boo.




  1. that is so awesome!! I love the quilting on it too!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. and thanks a bunch for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

      :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. Such a fantastic quilt!!! I don't know which side I like better!!


  3. OMG that is so great! My hubby and son would both love it. I think the back is equally as great as the front. You did a superb job!

  4. Wow - love it! and the back is fabulous. I know what you mean that you want visiting rights - grin.

  5. Wow. This quilt is so fun. I love it. My husband is sitting with me and he loves it too. I LOVE fun quilts. I think so many of our quilts are serious and more on the "gorgeous" side and I think it's cool to have some that are more playful like this. Love the quilting design on this too. Great job!

  6. Great job! This looks awesome, and I'm sure your nephew will love it!

  7. I love it, and my boys think it is pretty awesome too. How fun that it is completely reversible. I wouldn't feel too bad about the favorite color issue. My five year old has had five different favorites this year!

  8. Oh my I want one!!! Such a great quilt.

  9. Fun!!! The random placement of the invaders really makes them come alive!

  10. WOW! Wow, wow, wow, wow!

    I thought the front looked cool, then I saw the back!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. So worth any frustration that came with making it. I love the quilting , too. You've done an amazing job all around. And while it is very similar to its source of inspiration (which was cool enough to begin with), it takes it one step further.

    I want this quilt :)

  11. This is really fun and I love the back too!

  12. This quilt is so cool! You did a fantastic job! If you still unsure of how to end a line of hand stitches--try doing a search on youtube, there's a special way to make a knot, and I don't think I could explain it very well.

  13. Great job, Katelyn! I love this quilt - especially the quilting! Your nephew is a lucky guy and I am sure he will treasure it!