Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Workin' It

WIP that is...

This is what my table looks like right now:

Crazy, right?  Well that's me right now.  Too many sewing projects on the left and too much homework on the right.  I have multiple things in various stages of "being made."

 Still playing with the Virtual Quilting be blocks.  You can read the previous post about them here.

My nephew's (hopefully Christmas gift) quilt is getting some blocks made for the back.  I don't know why I have to try and design backs sometimes - those blocks are 1.5 inches finished.  I'm a nut.  You can read the previous post about his quilt here.

 I am making two of my nieces scrappy doll quilts for their baby dolls.  I wanted to use every last scrap of that Oh Deer! fabric.  Good news - all I have to do to these is quilt them and bind, then I'll be done. 

I'm making myself a holiday quilt...It's gonna be huge.  Opps.

After making the Cathedral Window Pillow Cover, I just had to make a holiday pillow cover too!  It's also practice for my niece's quilt that I won't have a chance at starting on till the new year.  But...I just had to practice these blocks!

I am trying to make something small with my hexagons - but they are so low on my list right now.

And then I made a 1600 quilt top...then designed a back that I have yet to piece.  Oh well.  If I get it done by the holidays it will make a great gift for somebody.

The other day while I was supposed to be studying for a test (which I made an A on - whew) I made this list of things I want to make or need to finish:

Above the line is supposed to be before the new year, mostly before the winter holidays.  We shall see.  Lets hope God gives me the strength.  :)  The bottom half is my crazy "bucket list" for 2014.  I Just keep seeing new things or dreaming up new quilts.
Have a great day everyone! (And maybe pray for my sanity)

 - Katelyn

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  1. Holy Moly, you are brave! I would never even begin to share my list. I would scare myself too badly! Love that your table is piled up like mine, yours is neater though!