Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I expect...{1}

I have been thinking about what I should expect when I someday, a long time from now, move out on my own...  The thought scares me, to be honest.  Right now I have it made.  I can be an adult with only half of the responsibility...but someday, hopefully not so far away, I will graduate from grad school, get a big girl job, and move to my own place.  So...I decided not to be scared and just not think about the horrors of being a real grown-up: Utilities, water bill, paying for all of my groceries, internet and cable bills...instead I have been thinking of what I expect from my loving, amazing, generous parents who spoil me:
I need tools.  Yes, tools.  Think screwdrivers (Philips-head and Flathead), Electric drill and drill bits, a level, a hammer, nails and get the idea.  Because, if I don't have these things then how will I get to decorate or put up cool things?  So I expect tools. 
I expect these things because today I have used many different ones and am so excited by the, small but fun, changes I have made!!
Finally hung my Christmas gift from Olivia!

I also hung up the clock I made (& put it together) and my etched mirror.

And I have switched out the cabinet door knobs for new ones!

they were on sale at HL - what do you think?

I am sure that I sound awful and bratty - just as sure that if my dad was reading this he would be laughing :)
Have a great Saturday!!  Visit me at Eclectica!

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