Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So...I have been working on the stuff for the arbor day auction.  It has been a long process...what with me also trying to live my life.  *note: I did not say have a life...because I don't have one. I just live the one that includes: Work, school, work, and homework.  So there is not usually any time for a real life. :) 
Anyway.  The subway art is not turning out how I planned.  Of course, I knew this was a huge possibility, but I was hopin'.  However, I am going to finish it and will post a photo tomorrow. 
But I am not just donating the potentially horrendous subway art...I have also made some bows (I call them bows anyway...) and a bow holder (ribbon...hehehe).  I have finished those so here is a look...
very similar to the bow holder I had as a kid

tried to provide a variety of sizes, styles, and colors

I may have made too many!

What do you think?  would you buy one?  And what are bows going for these days?
Also, sorry the lighting is so bad....Since my two followers are the best non-professional picture takers I know...How do you do that?  I think you should each provide a picture taking tutorial!  lol (or for Liz - loti). 
ok.  back to the art project...and cleaning (BOO!). 


  1. Ha Ha Ha!!!
    First of all, thanks for the compliment!
    And secondly, you kill me!
    BTW, I think it looks great!