Sunday, April 10, 2011

Subway Art

I love the subway art pieces I see on other blogs...Like the one on this link to Tater Tots and Jello:  Here Comes the Sun Art.
They all look so easy though, like I could make one if I wanted.  Well...we shall see!
I was asked by the art teacher at school if I could make stuff for the Arbor Day auction (she said she knew I was crafty and just might have something).  I said I would be happy to!  And was then told that it would be due in two days.  There was NO WAY.  I told her so and got an extension :).  So............I am going to make some subway art.  It had better be easy is all I'm sayin'.  
I got the canvas (on sale!):

and then painted it black:
Now I just have to cut out the templates, paint them, and hope it turns out!

Wish me luck!!


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