Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crafty things I was asked to make something for the Arbor Day auction at Lipman (the school where I work).  I have not completely decided what I will be making, but as long as I can turn it in after this week I can do it!  I am thinking Subway Art, hair clips, or who knows...haven't really decided lol.  If anyone who reads this has any ideas PLEASE SHARE with the class:).  This has prompted me to upload some photos of crafts I have done in the past (most my last spring break...kinda went nuts with the crafting). 

Grandmother and Granddaddy's Christmas Gift 2010

First attempt at glass etching, now hanging in my room!



all of the headbands and clips...for Charlotte's b-day.

paper tree and I mod-podged the holder too!

St. Pat's Cupcake wrapper wreath


Another St. Pat's Wreath (What?  I am Irish ya know! lol)

for emma's birthday 2010

cute clip, huh? now hanging on my wall...need to get a summer pic of us!
OH..and while posting this blog I was singing :) (to Sidewalk Prophets...if you don't know them you should!)
and Has ANYONE seen my yoga mat?  I need it NOW! and I can't find it anywhere...I promise I have looked in all of the places it could be and have gone through all of my crap the things I cannot live without.  Still can't find it.  My mom needs to borrow it.  Guess I am gonna have to go to the store, buy one the same color, and say, "Look, Momma!  I found it!"  think she'll believe it?
Have a beautiful day!

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