Friday, April 15, 2011

End of 2011...

Well, it is starting to feel like the end of the 2011 school year now.  I took three classes this semester (and a grad filler course so I could have enough hrs for my ga).  One of my classes was a half-semester online course, so I had a project due every other day but the class ended in March.  I also took a Saturday class (i know, sounds yuck...but was totally my favorite), that class ended this past Saturday, and I just got my paper back in the mail today (A+ suckers).  So I only have one class left...Reading (dreaded Reading).  I have three more homework assignments and a paper then done with the work part.  Then, it will just be my last praxis on Saturday April 30th (I PASSED the last one, that I was so worried about!).  And my GA doesn't end until the 19th...After that --> Wendy (and Germany) "HERE I COME!!!" 
When I got home this afternoon I did a little homework, wrote out two or three lists (cause that is what I think is, and then tried to take everything out of my semester binder and put it in my accordion folder thing that I keep all of my work in.... I don't think it was made to hold 2 years of grad school.
and to think - I still have individual portfolio folders 
cause now it won't close.  Guess I have to go out and get a new one.  But let's just complain for a moment - if it isn't supposed to hold everything then why does it have so many dividers???
Also, please forgive all of the grammatical errors...I promise, I am in Grad school and I do get good grades, but I have an
YAY - Friday!!

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