Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Baby Brother is Coming!!

Well he is not such a baby now.  He is 24 yrs. old with his own baby actually.  But I am SO excited.  Andrew is coming home for a super short visit and then while he goes to SERE school Sarah (his awesome wife) and Isaac (the previously mentioned baby) are going to stay here and witness the craziness that is student teaching.  I started my new placement yesterday and am liking it so far.  I will let you know of any cool stuff that happens. 
But back to the family...
They are coming TODAY!  I am the only family member (besides Wendy and her bunch- and they live in Germany so that makes more sense) that has yet to meet Isaac.  So I am super excited!  I know that he is a baby and might still be boring...but you never know:). 

Some older (like last month) pics of him:
Precious, Right???

2 months - I think

MY baby brother and Isaac
 Yay for family!  I can't wait for Sarah to get here and we can bond over my cool school new sharpie pens...they are great!

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