Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is finding itself out late today.  But I couldn't resist.

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful, friends, family, pumpkin, pecan, apple.  ;)

That being said how a few thanksgiving craft ideas?  Something fun to do with kids and a reminder to be grateful.
I made these Thankful turkeys with my class a few years ago:

Here is a quick how-to:
Gather up some supplies:
two different sized brown paper circles (didn't measure)
various sized different color paper strips
small red ribbon for wattle (I used a red fabric scrap)
sharpie (use crayons, magic marker - anything dark)
Tape (I used strong crafters tape, the kids used glue)

Then start making your turkeys:
add the wattle before gluing/taping the head and body together

glue/tape the strips of paper like this

I would write what you are thankful for on the belly before attaching the "feathers"

This is how I attach the "feathers" to the back - just see what looks right to you

Then you have a cool Thankful Turkey that can be put on the wall, fridge, or hung up some where from the loops on the "feathers."

Here are a few more activities I found on pinterest:

. such a cute idea! write what they're thankful for on each color!
Paint Chip Turkey

Fingerprint Thanksgiving craft by caroline
Thumbprint Turkey

Thanksgiving craft, use a stamp ink pad for the feet, washable.  Wipe off with baby wipes.  Much easier and less messy than paint.  Can do finger prints the same way.  Use the jumbo crayola stamp pads.
Foot/fingers Turkey

Thanksgiving Tree And Fabric Ball Pumpkin
Thanksgiving Tree

Remember to eat lots, take naps, and don't let the dog eat your pie.  Now I'm off to make V and Co's pretty apple pie.  Yum.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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