Friday, November 15, 2013

There's scrappy...and then there's scrappy

At least that was the reaction of one of my friends when I posted pics of these doll quilts on Instagram. 

I didn't to waste any of my Oh Deer! scraps from my virtual quilting bee quilt.  So I saved any scrap that was at least an inch in width and length.  Then I tried to put them together.   It was awful.  I have never done improve piecing before - I am a planner.  I have never worked with scraps before, esp. that small.  I will never do that again.  It took SO much.  I thought I had tons and would be able to make more than two doll quilts, but I could barely make one.  I had to pull out much larger scraps, that I was saving in my scrap bin - though after this fiasco, I'm not quite sure what for.  lol
In the end I like the one with the bigger scraps better.  I have learned my lesson. 

tiny scraps

bigger scraps
I quilted these with a free motion meandering least I tried.  It was good practice and I think I may be getting there.  The backing and binding are solid brown.  I love how the binding seems to contain the craziness. 

These are going to be for my two oldest nieces for Christmas.  I hope they enjoy them.  
That's 2 gifts down and 8 to go...
Only 41 more days till the deadline...and lots of family fun!

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 - Katelyn


  1. I think they're cute!! I love the scrap explosion look!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. I love trying new things on doll quilts. I think yours look awesome.

  3. I think they turned out cute! A little chaotic, but still perfect for dolls!

  4. I love mini quilts or doll quilts and these are both great! Love all the color. It feels good to be making headway on the gift sewing doesn't it? Thanks for sharing these quilts!