Friday, August 16, 2013

Flea Finds

Several months ago one of my friends, Debi, had a "yard sale."  She was trying to de-clutter some space for her new caravan.    I went thinking I would support the cause, not knowing what treasures would awaited me.  I found a beautiful, rusted, old, mini, sewing machine, a gorgeous vintage sheet, super fun vintage apron pattern on a nice linen, a few ceramic friends made into pin cushions, and 5 hand-stitched, hand-quilted hearts - that I promptly turned into bunting. 

Not pictured: fabulous fabric
After this adventure my friends and I decided to check out the Nashville Flea Market.  It is held the 4th weekend of every month at the State Fair Grounds.  It took us three-four months to straighten our schedules but we went.  I was super excited - as I had never before gone to a Flea Market.  Crazy, right?  I know. I'm apparently very sheltered.  ;)

I warned my friends, during the 3 hour car ride, that I was not the best shopper.  I explained that I turn into a whinny toddler get tired of shopping after an hour or so (read: 20 minutes).  They promised to help me behave.  Lol. 

At first, I was a bit down, felt left out.  My friends were seeing and sometimes buying great stuff for their homes and craft booths.  I just saw cute stuff I had no room to put.  Until the great find of the day:

 Hand-pieced quilt top.  Someone took a lot of time to put this together.  It was loved once and I am planning on showing it some love too.  I'm thinking of a solid back, but practicing some hand-quilting (even though it will probably take me the next 20 years).  Debi found it for me.  That Debi, she's kinda like a rock star. 

After that, everything else flowed.  Three-pane window (that I'm gonna spruce up even though my friends told me to leave as is, John Lennon (I skip over the Yoko) and Led Zeppelin Records, and fabric - 1/2 yd or more of each. 



$5 - for everything
I had a blast! I didn't even ask to leave until 3:30pm - we got there at 10am, so major progress.  I already want to go again.  But I am no dummy.  I think I'll wait until I have a place of my own to fill with my flea market finds. 


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