Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What the artists are raving about...

The young artists over here in my neck of the woods (Germany for now) 
are raving about the sidewalk chalk!
Nothing is more fun you know...
Well except for drawing on Aunt Katelyn 
(instead of the concrete) with the chalk.
We had a blast doodling outside!

It was all about drawing Dora  - for the youngin' in pink.

Storm Troopers  - for the fella in stripes

He wanted to know if I could draw a car - 
and then show me that he could draw a van.

Fella - "Aunt Katelyn, can you draw the Big Bad Wolf?"
Me - "Um...Probably not."
Fella - "Can you try?"
Me - "I guess..."
Fella - "Wow that really looks like a bad wolf!  
Can you draw a house?"

Then we decided to trace our feet to see how big, 
or how small they were:)

Lots of fun was had for all.  And I  have been informed that the super cute Fella will be a real artist when he grows up.  I believe it to!

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