Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pompeii and Rome

So...I didn't blog yesterday. I was kinda tired. We were in Naples, then we took the train to Pompeii, then we went back to Naples to get our stuff... Then we took the train to Rome.
Pompeii was amazing. And it was kinda cool to be right there looking at Mount Vesuvius. It didn't erupt and we are still alive. Not turned to stone. The kids in my class were afraid for me:).
And look at that amphitheater. Kirie Walz- don't you wanna try and project your voice in there;)
Our train for Rome was delayed for about 40min. This, of course, made me anxious.
We got here and there was something wrong with our hotel room, so they sent us to another hotel- no change in our rate or anything. We actually think we like this one better too! We took in some sights and then ate dinner right buy our hotel.
Today we went to the Vatican. It is SO cool! It is beautiful. And I cried. Like the crazy girl I am. :)
We also saw the pantheon, Trevi fountain, and much more (especially since we missed our bus stop and kept riding for over an hour...
All in all today has been great (minus my 2-3 breakdowns - but Olivia has been a peach), I am sunburned, but I got lots of exercise and started a great new book!


  1. Did you make a wish in the Trevi fountain?

  2. I did! I have a pic but it is bad. I was making a face.