Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All about the Awe...

So I can't really believe that I have yet to blog about this, but... I am an Aunt!  Again!  

Tobias Marshall Lawson
was born on Monday
June 20th, 2011
at 11:25am.
8lbs 13oz
21.5 inches

He and mom are fantastic.  
Wendy had him right her house.
I watched some kiddos downstairs.

I am in such awe - of Toby and my sister.
I heard recently that we, adults, should be sure to install a since of awe in children.  
Awe in God and in our Savior.  
If we do not they might begin to see awe in themselves - 
that they are the center of the universe.
Well ladies and gents - we are not the center of it all.
God is. 
He created Toby - he gave my sister the strength to be a great mom.
A mom that will use all that she has to teach her kids that Jesus is their Savior (I have no doubt).
I have never been around anything this cool - this astounding and incredible.  
I am so lucky.  
Pictures to come soon.

In other news
the two oldest and I made sidewalk chalk paint today.
Yes'm, I said paint.
We had the BEST time (well until one decided that the trashcan was something we could paint)!
I highly recommend this activity.  
So easy and fun.

yes, he is in his pjs.
no this does not make me a bad Aunt :)

He painted a turtle

He helped me with a butterfly.

I had lots of fun too - 
like maybe I will do this when I get home too :)

Then it rained - so the happy Aunt doesn't have to clean up.
And perhaps we can do it all again tomorrow!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint - 
Equal amounts Cornstarch and cold water
(I used 2 TBSP of each first - that was not enough for us)
Stir immediatly 
Add food coloring (4-5 drops, or as desired).
then PAINT!

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