Friday, June 3, 2011

On the town

Yesterday I went on a walk.  A long walk, fast paced, with tennis-shoes and sweatpants.  Man, did I need it too!  I walked all downtown and way past that, I was out for a little over and hour and could have stayed out longer if I didn't think I might get lost :).  
I couldn't go into any shops because they were ALL closed.
Yesterday was a German Holiday, Ascension Day (the day the celebrate Jesus Rising to Heaven).  
Why don't we have this holiday?  I like it :)
Anyway, I passed by many shops I would like to go in and today I visited a few - with 2 of those awesome Lawson Kiddos.  

It's cool.  I told them they could 
run to that fountain:)

cool, right?  Wonder what it stands for?

They have these things everywhere...they wanted to try them ALL.

Went to SBK and got some Fisherman's Friend CoughDrops for Momma 
(BTW - those are kinda pricy Momma)
And of course some Happy Hippos for me!
The Kiddos got some Kinder Joy Eggs 
(no pics as they have been devoured).

Momma Wendy went out for the evening and I was trying to keep this cutie up till she got back...didn't work so well :)

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