Friday, August 1, 2014

Learning is Hexy

I taught a short lesson on English Paper Piecing to my local quilt guild recently.  I brought everyone some 1.5in Hexagon paper pieces (we are a super small guild - though trying to grow - so it wasn't a big deal to make 7 Hexagon paper pieces, each, for everyone). 

After I thread basted two for demonstration, I went home and basted the rest of my hexagons with my brand new Sewline Glue Pen.  

I liked using it.  It was certainly faster for me (though not by as much time as I thought it would be...there is always a chance I was doing it incorrectly - I just don't know what could have been done differently.  lol).  After I basted the hexis I tried to use the glue pen to baste my diamonds (posted previously here).  I hated it.  This just did not hold the way that I thought it would.  I guess the way that the fabric is folded is just so different that I had a rough time with it.  Back to thread for those.

Anyway, hexis...
I sewed them together and then hand appliqued down to a nice teal color fabric (first time!).

it's a bit blurry...but that just means you can't see my white thread so much.  lol

Next I had to hand quilt it.  This is a big "first-time" project for me, glad I put it on a small scale.  

Wee bit of my Instagram progress:

And now it is bound, washed, and in use!

I used many fabrics from my bed quilt and pillows... So it matches!

The back looks pretty bad...oops.

But I love how the front turned out!

Loving my hexi mug rug.  Do you have any eep tips for me?  Or perhaps some hand quilting advice for this newbie? ;)

- Katelyn


  1. hm, so there was a hex on your glue? :) ha
    Do you heat set the glue down? I have not done this so I was just wondering.

    1. You don't need to apply heat, just a little thumb pressure for a couple of seconds.

  2. No advice on the hand quilting (never tried it), but I love the colors! I've got two EEP projects going, but I've gotten sidetracked from them. Anyway, your mug rug is lovely!

  3. Love how you've quilted the hexies. I used to do a load of hand quilting but eyes not so good for it anymore. Like all quilting it's just practice. Don't over think it and as long as three quarters of your stitches go through to the back that's fine. Even though it's a small piece I would still have basted it by running a large running stitch through corner to corner and side to side. It stops it all moving as you are sewing xx

  4. I use a Sewline glue stick to fix the quarter inch seam allowance to the paper: just "paint" a very thin line of glue about one eighth from one edge of the paper and stick that edge's seam allowance down. Press down on the seam for a few seconds to fix the glue. Move onto the next edge and repeat. You can't glue all the edges first and then fold the fabric over; the glue dries very quickly. Remember it only needs to hold long enough for you to sew the pieces together, so the thinnest line of glue should be enough.

  5. Hi there. I'm a lover of hexies so had to come visit. Your quilting is beautiful?
    Visiting from the link up ; )

  6. I really like your hand-quilted flower in the middle hexie with the cathedral-window-like quilting all around. I never saw the like in hexies and it's beautiful.
    For my part, I also baste my pieces before doing hand quilting to keep all the layers into place. Also, I find that using a hoop gives an extra help in maintaining the fabric flat.

  7. What beautiful quilting you've done. It's simple lovely.
    I've never tried glue basting; thanks for the tips.

  8. It came out great! The hand stitches looks awesome, too.

  9. Lovely mug rug! So fresh and fun! The quilting is gorgeous!

  10. I love this mug rug! I love the color and the fabrics. I like the stitching you did around the hexies. Great job!! I'm pinning it to my mug rug board.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty

  11. that's really cute - and your quilting looks great! :) No tips, sorry!

  12. Very cute mug rug! I love your blog name, I totally sing while I craft. :)
    ~ Terrie @

  13. Awesome finish! I love to start small with things that are new to me as well.

  14. Great fabric choices! Thanks for linking up with The Caffeinated Crafters this week!

  15. Love it! Great color combination, and your hand-quilting is very nice. Yay for a bunch of first times!

  16. I love your hexi mug rug, with the special hand quilting!! It's so pretty!
    Have you ever tried making the hexies using freezer paper... you print on the back "paper"side. You iron the seam allowance around each side onto the waxy side... that holds it in place!


  17. I love those hexies, and the hand quilting is like icing on the cake!

  18. Way to go braving EPP and hand quilting! It looks fantastic. Perhaps, if I start on something small and less intimidating, I might be willing to venture into the realm of EPP and hand quilting. So far, I've kept my distance.