Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm Seeing Stars

I mentioned in my last post that I had cut out some of the extra fabric I had for the sparkle punch quilt for other projects as well.

Here is one:

After all of the fun I had learning to English Paper Piece with hexagons (post here), I had to start a new EEP WIP.   I decided to make a diamond star quilt.  When the pieces all come together it should look something like this:

Of course I am not only using green. It just seems that way right now.  I still have many more greens to go...

I have several low volumes basted and ready to go as well...

 It is seriously fun watching them come together - Like a mini triumph with every block.  But considering how long they take me to make... finishing one is kind-of a real-life reason to celebrate.  lol

*I made my own paper pieces with my silhouette paper cutter and cardstock.

So many more to baste.  This is a project that is going to take me forever - I'm setting my goal for 8 years.  ;)

But I did decide I needed a quick finish from these and made a quilty friend a mugrug/mini:

 hope she likes it.

I am off to do a sewing lesson with my nieces and nephews...wish me luck!

- Katelyn

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