Friday, March 21, 2014

Pillow Talk

Well...Hello there!  It has been a while.  I seem to have lost control of my life these past few weeks.  Extra jobs, extra homework, extra tired. 
Last week was spring break and I actually got some sewing done!  So I will have some things to blog about as soon as I take some photos. 
That being said - this is a picture heavy post. 
Apparently I love making pillows.  Who wouldn't they are quick and pretty.   And who doesn't love a little instant satisfaction? 
Over the past year or so I have made several pillow covers for my couch, but none for my bed.  I decided to remedy that.

 SO much fun.  I mean I cannot tell you how much I just stared at that pillow.  I was so proud.  Took no time and I still loved it. 
But it looked super lonely sitting all by it's self up there. 
So I decided it must need friends:
Like a little pillow family! 

Well that's enough pillow week I'll show off my finished baby quilt. 

 - Katelyn


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  2. Your pillow family is the cutest!! I want one! Lol :)

  3. cute little family of pillows. But I REALLY LOVE YOUR QUILT!!! What green is that? I love the colors.

  4. love the colours, and the fabric, and the design. I guess I just love it :)

  5. Love them! The colors are fabulous!!!