Friday, May 15, 2015

Too small or just right?

I wanted to make a table runner for my #birthdayclubhandmade friend Tiffany.  I haven't ever made a table runner before.  And I didn't even try to think about how long it should be. 
I decided on a pineapple block because she loves Rita from Red Pepper Quilts.  And her fav fabric combos are b&w and rainbow. 

I had no idea how long this little paper pieced block would actually take me!  With my limited sewing time, her birthday quickly came and went without a finished table runner.  

Then I had these four cool pineapple blocks and realized that would not be enough. 

So I made some others.  Its pretty cool how by changing the order of the fabric colors the block looks entirely different. 

I do love the way it turned out, but I would like to make a pineapple something - not a big something - someday that really has that pineapple block look.

The table runner is 14x28.  That is fairly small.  But I told myself that she might have a small table AND you don't want food to actually go on it, right?  :)

Backing - Jay McCarroll Center City Los Angeles  and Binding is Kona Cotton in Slate    

These kids thought it should become a toy - lol.

So have you made a table runner before?  What is your go to measurement?  How how to you decide how long to make it?

 - Katelyn


  1. I haven't made a runner yet but yours look cool! Those pieces are tiny though :) and I like your color combo.

  2. That's really awesome! I can see why the kids love it; I do, too!

  3. Great table runner! Your design and fabrics are wonderful. I love the look with solid fabrics.

  4. it. fabulous colors. I am partial to black and white and bright colors. well worth the extra work of paper piecing. Not sure which version of the blocks I like best.

  5. Wow, that's a great runner. I also made one this week for a friend, but it pales compared to yours. I know my friend has a big table though so mine is 42" long by 19 1/2 wide. Your pineapple pattern really pops too - love it!

  6. I have made lots of table runners but none as wonderful as this one!

  7. it kind of does make you want to play with it instead of just look at it :)

  8. Absolutely amazing. I think the size depends more on your table, but a lot of mine are about 18 x 42.

  9. You are a great friend.
    Your tablerunner is going to be highly treasured.
    Jane in KS

  10. I just came across your table runner on Quilt Infatuation NTT - wow, love the bold colours! My first table runner was tiny (15 x 35), a bit small for a table 41 x 71! I am making a new one 18 1/2 x 41 1/2, so will see how this one fits! I love the Jay McC backing fabric also!