Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sew Eclectic

Fat Quarter Shop has a quilt along benefiting St. Jude (man I would love to work there some day).  The second block is an adorable sewing machine and I knew I had to use it.  My most recent #birthdayclubhandmade gift was a great chance to do that. 
March's birthday love's bright colors and low volume.  Her fav brights are lime and orange.  Those colors are not quite my forte so when i picked out the fabrics I was afraid that I wouldn't like how it turned out.

But it was cool.  Bright and I love it. 

I used this time to try out "new-to-me" FMQ.  I had so much fun sewing on this and trying new things.

Background Pebbles

I tried for point-to-point
tiny match-stick and some criss-cross

I was trying to make the thread look like thread.  lol

I had to make sure that she always remembers that it came from Tennessee!  And I tried to write "handmade" in the blue.  I'm so happy I did it in blue.  lol

Yes, I did momentarily forget the year...in permanent ink.

The back is this adorable quilter's newspaper...I think it is timeless treasures, but I can't say for sure. 

I bound in a Sour Apple solid and I think it brings out more of the green in the mini.

What are some quilting stiles you would have tried?  Or want to learn?

- Katelyn


  1. So cute! I especially love how you quilted the thread. I love trying new designs, but my favorites are all over designs.

  2. Adorable! I love this block, and have saved it to make one day... love the sour apple binding--it's just perfect. You did a great job on trying out FMQ, just jump in and DO it! And yours turned out super. Yep that is Timeless Treasures; I won a bag at our guild meeting just last night with that very print, plasticized, on it, and it's theirs. :-)

  3. Charming. Your fabric selection is delightful. The blue mimics the computer screen so well! Personally I love the lab papers. Congratulations on free motion quilting. It turned out so nicely and looks like you had fun.

  4. Love that you made this a mini1 I may need to make it for my sewing room.

  5. Your version is so bright and pretty. I need to make this for myself as well. I love trying new designs and it depends on the project on what I will try. I have yet to find a place to try peppling since it is so time consuming but this size is perfect.