Friday, April 24, 2015

Birthday Club Handmade

Mostly I live in the library, which doesn't allow sewing machines. 
Nursing school is my life right now and that is just how it is.  The really sad part is that I miss sewing a tiny bit more than I miss my friends (sometimes - I mean we all have to work pretty hard to find time to hang out even when I am not in school). 
But I have had the coolest opportunity...
Instagram has lead me to a whole new set of friends, friends I have never meet, but totally love.  They are hilarious and incredibly talented (I tend to follow makers).  Through IG I found myself in a birthday group.  We are a small group (as to not get overwhelmed), just 7.  That is 7 months out of the year instead of 12.  The goal is to make something for the birthday girl that she will love and that is totally handmade.  I have made several new friends and love making gifts. 
My birthday was first and I didn't really know what to expect -
My mind was blown!
Pillow case from @tiffanytravels

gorgeous machine quilting and hand quilting!
@kelseysews made this amazing mini
Then @argyle24 used my FAVORITE AMH print to make a purse and pouch.  I use them everyday.
@michelledale79 - look at all those blues!  and that quilting!  
@purplepoppyquilts gave me a rainbow and branched out to paper piece for the first time - fantastic!

 I am one lucky girl.  I have been truly blessed in swaps.  I have had wonderful partners.  I know some people have not had the best experience with swaps and that makes me SO sad cause I think they are so much fun.  And a great way to get to know quilters from afar.  Check out what my group has done on IG with the hashtag #birthdayclubhandmade.
Have you ever participated in a swap?  What did you think about the experience?

- Katelyn


  1. Awesome goods from the ladies in your birthday swap!

    I've only participated in charm swaps. I'm too intimidated to send anyone something I've made in a swap! (Sad, but true!)

  2. I've been in a couple of bees, which is basically a swap, except the blocks are not finished. I've really been blessed as well, in that everyone has been gracious and supportive and fun to work with. Your birthday handmades are simply fabulous! Lucky girl!

  3. wow, every piece you received is beautiful!! your group really does a great job!